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       Security System   

At SCSC security is taken very seriously and receives the highest priority as part of day to day operational management. Maintaining a high security level for the air cargo terminal area helps protect client cargo as well as aircraft and ensures that customer airlines are able to guarantee a smooth and efficient transaction to their counterparts.

A firm commitment to maintain high security standards for the SCSC terminal means that SCSC is working closely together with the Airport, Customs and other relevant authorities to ensure a safe and efficient cargo handling procedure. A strong dedication to high security standards is backed by investments made into modern x-ray machines, a sophisticated CCTV surveillance system and the 24/7 presence of an independent security company patrolling the terminal. The security procedures in place at SCSC have undergone a screening process and have been found to be adequate for TAPA Class A requirements.

1. Cargo and Personnel

Air cargo dispatched through the SCSC Cargo Terminal must be inspected and cleared in compliance with regulations set by the Aviation Administration of Vietnam (AAV). Thanks to large x-ray machines, SCSC warehouse accepts palletized/containerized cargo as well as loose cargo to ensure a swift security clearance process prior to embarkation. The security chain of events in force is strictly maintained once cargo is accepted. Once cleared agents or shippers are no longer allowed to approach the cargo in the storage area.

In order to restrict the access to the SCSC Cargo Terminal, so that only people having legitimate business in the terminal can enter the premises, control gates are equipped with ID card readers and barriers. SCSC facilities are guarded at all hours by specially trained security officers.

2. Monitoring System

A CCTV system totaling 150 cameras is installed at the SCSC Cargo Terminal to keep all main areas under surveillance. The control room is staffed with security personnel specially trained for the task of recording and monitoring areas under surveillance. All CCTV recordings will be kept on file for a period of 60 days.

3. Vulnerable (VUN) and Valuable (VAL) Cargo

High value cargo is stored in a separate area called the Security Cage. This area is perimeter fenced off on all sides, including roof and closely monitored by the CCTV system.

For valuable goods (VAL), a strong room of 47 m² is built, fitted with modern anti-theft equipment. The strong room has two successive steel rolling doors featuring an infrared alarm system. The system is able to alert staff in SCSC security coordination desk to track and verify the identity of people entering the strong room.

The door is a key-combination locking system with vaulted doors requiring both electronics and manual operations.

4. Dangerous Goods Management

SCSC pays great attention to DGR training organized by IATA and our customer airlines. This type of training enabling SCSC staffs to have sound knowledge on the special handling concerns relating to DG transportation. SCSC has two separate storage rooms designed for dangerous goods. A specially built 24m² room is certified store radioactive materials up to 50 TI. A second 90m² special dangerous goods room is reserved for the remaining eight classes of dangerous goods. These areas are closely monitored and in case any irregularities occur then the fire brigade and police force will be notified immediately.

5. Fire Protection

A complete system of fire protection is provided for all office and cargo areas. All required areas are equipped with sprinkler system. The fire alarm system detects fire and transmits the information directly to the Security Centre. This system is part of the general safety system for the SCSC Air Cargo Terminal. The general system being designed to quickly detect any fire related emergency situation so as to ensure orderly evacuation and/or extinguishing of fire by the security service on site. Any alarm triggered will result is an on site event evaluation within 3 minutes of any fire alarm being recorded.