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AWB Info
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       Green Measures in our Operation   

Environmental awareness:


SCSC is a concerned party and acts in a responsible manner when it comes to addressing the environmental impact the terminal is having on surrounding areas.

As a consequence SCSC has equipped its facilities and is implemented management systems that both help support a good working environment and keeps the terminal on good footing with its surroundings.


  • The warehouse is equipped with electric forklifts that generate no CO2 emission at all and helps reduce noise.
  • Electric forklifts are powered by battery so that the sound generated is far less than would be if conventional forklifts where in use.
  • Sky light in the warehouse roof area, covering 15 % of the surface, helps reduce power consumption.
  • Propeller type ceiling fans are in operation to circulate the air in the warehouse.
  • Ceiling exhaust fans fitted in the roof deliver an air exchange rate.
  • SCSC cargo terminal is using handheld devices and apply Hermes management systems, which means the warehouse no longer requires paper records when registering and storing data.