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AWB Info
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       Cargo Delivery & Pick-Up Guide   


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How to ship your cargo at SCSC:

1. Move to the truck parking area in front of the cargo terminal.

2. Provide driver identity, vehicle details and shipment data by Shipper Instruction for Dispatch (SID) in order to obtain a Vehicle Control Ticket (VCT ticket) and a security pass card at the Landside Export Counter.

3. Check the electronic screen at driver waiting lounge for VCT number and door number. Show VCT and pass SCSC terminal control gate.

4. Proceed to called door and deliver freight for acceptance. Leave door once unloading is complete.

5. Complete SID with actual shipment data checked and signed by SCSC authorized personnel.

6. Shipment moved to customs inspection area, and undergoes customs clearance.

7. Submit SID to the Export Document Counter and pay handling charges and any additional fees due.

8. Finally the whole shipment is X-rayed and given full clearance provided the X-ray is found to be without irregularity.

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How to pick-up your cargo at SCSC:

1. The consignee picks up documents at the receptionists desk, then proceeds to the Cargo reception in order to pay charge and get VCT

2. Proceed to a specific custom check location (assigned by the Cargo reception) in order to perform a physical cargo check

3. If after the check, cargo is found to be cleared, the consignee brings the VCT stamped by custom to the Delivery Department (set status 3 for release)

4. Proceed to be assigned a delivery door with stamped VCT

5. Receive cargo and load onto truck

6. Sign in release note and leave the SCSC warehouse

7. In case of cargo not being cleared: Information is passed to Delivery Department and the VCT is deleted from CFS

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