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AWB Info
AWB Info
SCSC Announcement of Vietnam National Day 2nd September 2019 Holiday Schedule
SCSC Announcement of Providing Cargo Handling Areas Rental Service
SCSC Announcement of The Vietnam's Southern Liberation 30/4 and May Day Schedule
The Hung Kings' Commemoration Festival Schedule
2019 Tet Holidays Schedule
New Year Day in 2019
SCSC Announcement of Offering Additional Services With Charges (Effective as of Jan 1st, 2019)
SCSC Announcement of The Issuance and Renewal of Security Control Passes 2019-2020
SCSC Announcement of Vietnam National Day 2nd September 2018 Holiday Schedule
SCSC Announcement of Revised Service Charges for Import Cargo (Applying since Aug 1st, 2018)


What does SCSC mean?  

Does SCSC handle cargo to go oversea?  


For information of imported air cargo at Tan Son Nhat Airport, how do I contact?  

I got a notice that there was an air cargo and I would receive it at Saigon Cargo Service Corporation (SCSC), what kinds of paper do I have to prepare to receive the cargo at your company?  

I have cargo sent from abroad but I cannot come directly to receive, how should I do to receive my cargo?  
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I want to deliver cargo into the hands of my relatives in Hanoi, what should I do?  

I want to send cargo to my partner in France; what procedures do I have to do?